Which Car Parts Can You Wrap?

Everyone’s looking for a competitive advantage when it comes to advertising their business or product, which is exactly what a car part wrap can be. As a “moving billboard” for your company, you can find potential clients everywhere you go. Even when you or one of your employees is off the clock, your car wrap is still going to work. While most people elect to install a full car wrap that covers every facet of a vehicle (hood, sides, bumpers, roof, wheels, windows, etc.). With that said, you can wrap a specific part of the car and still get your messaging across if done right.

This ultimately boils down to both the message of your marketing campaign and your overall budget for the wrap. When doing a car part wrap for advertising purposes, it’s key to utilizing a central position with plenty of usable real estate. A legible, purposeful message with a good call to action is sure to drive business to your front door while you drive around town. Some of the best car parts we recommend (and don’t recommend) include:

The Sides Of The Car

Drivers are constantly looking at other cars in the lanes besides them, whether because they’re driving defensively or daydreaming about driving that car instead. A car wrap on the sides of your car is guaranteed to turn heads as you go by. You have a large area to work with and portray your message while out in public.

With that said, you should be aware that while a side car wrap can be great, the doors can actually lead to your message being warped, especially if installed incorrectly. Before installing a car wrap, contact GNS Wraps, your local palm beach county car wrap install expert. 

The Hood

While it may be difficult to see your wrap while driving, a hood car part wrap works tremendously well when in traffic or when the car is parked. The hood offers the most available real estate to use, and there’s no bumps or other accents to get in the way of interfering with your message. The right visuals and messaging on your hood can instantly demand attention and have people calling you immediately.

The Trunk

Another great place for your car wrap, the back of your vehicle is a fantastic place to advertise your company or product. While there tend to be awkward lines and accents, a rear wrap will stand out to anybody behind you on the road.

The Vehicle Roof

The roof of your vehicle is the number one place we recommend against installing a car part wrap. Too often do clients come in requesting a roof wrap, not realizing that their customers are highly unlikely to see the messaging of the campaign while on the road, in traffic, or just walking down the sidewalk. 

When it comes down to it, if you’re looking to use a car wrap to advertise your business or product and stay under budget, GNS Wraps has you covered. Contact us today for a free quote either online or by giving us a call directly at (561) 502-2605.

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