As more and more marketing avenues continue to pop up, so will the competition to be number one in your industry. With hundreds of similar companies in your area, it can be difficult to dominate them, even if you offer a far superior team or service. Traditional advertising methods are overly expensive and can bleed cash if not done properly. While you could look towards tv commercials or billboards, there’s no better way to market your business than by getting a fleet wrap. It may not seem like much, a fleet wrap can make your business stand out from your direct competitors.

Reach Your Customers On The Go

While tv commercials, newspaper ads, and radio spots have been the norm, they’re all outdated. Additionally, many drivers aren’t listening to the radio anymore and have no way to connect with a tv commercial or newspaper ad while on the road. 

A potential customer might be on the road, and your truck or car might drive by without them ever knowing what you do since you went a different route with your advertising efforts. With a fleet wrap, all of your vehicles turn into roving billboards wherever they go. Passersby on the highway might see one of your drivers and decide to give a call because they were just looking for a service like yours. 

Even when the fleet wrap vehicle is parked at a home and the team is doing work, you’re still advertising to the entire neighborhood your services. Before you know it, one job can turn into four, then 10. Before you know it, that one car has spurred the entire neighborhood into using you and your team. 

A Fleet Wrap Gives Your Business Legitimacy 

While new customers are always a win, you want to make a lasting impression that leads to return customers. While the work should speak for itself, the first time your team pulls up in an old white work van might be the last time that the client contacts you. While the work may have been outstanding, a homeowner or business owner might not want to have those vans outside their home/business. With a full line of fleet wrap vehicles, you immediately give your business brand recognition and legitimacy. Not only that, but it looks like a company that’s been in business for a while. You’ll be far more likely to get those return customers day in and day out.

What Companies Do Fleet Wrap Vehicles Benefit?

Wraps for fleet vehicles aren’t just for one or two industries. A fleet wrap can be incredibly beneficial for nearly any business out there. Some common businesses we see get fleet wraps to include: 

  • Restaurants
  • Repair Companies
  • Landscapers
  • Fumigators
  • Housekeeping Companies
  • Home Healthcare Companies
  • Private Security Companies

While these are some of the more common companies we work with, a fleet wrap can work for a business in any vertical. If you’re interested in learning more about getting your fleet vehicles wrapped, just call our team at GNS Wraps! We specialize in fleet wraps, commercial wraps, color change wraps, boat wraps, and more. To get started, simply contact us online or give us a call at (561) 502-2605 today!

We’ve all been there: you’ve been staring at your car for hours and you’re desperate for a new look. You could look at getting it painted but that immediately lowers the resale value. Buying a new car ends up being a really expensive avenue, and you may love your car just not the look. With our color change wrap services, you can give your car that new fresh look you’ve been desperate for. When done right, a professionally installed car wrap will leave you starry-eyed every time you take a look at your car.

Benefits of Color Change Wraps


Getting a high-end paint job can be anywhere in the range of $2,000-10,000, depending on who’s doing it, the color, and the quality of the paint. High-quality vinyl for a color change wrap will range between $500-$5,000 depending on the vehicle and will last between 5-10 years. With a GNS color change wrap, you can get that much-needed new look for a fraction of the price of a paint job.

Endless Options

GNS offers hundreds of options for your next color change wrap. With a wide range of colors and custom design options, you can turn your dream car into a reality. With your color change wrap you’re never tied down, as you can continue to update the look every few years and keep turning heads daily!

Installation Time

When you go to get a paint job, you usually have to plan on being out of a car for a few weeks. This can become a serious inconvenience as you can’t get around. Our wrap services take no more than a business week, ensuring you’re back on the road before you even know it.


Our vinyl offers everyday protection for your vehicle, shielding it from rocks, road debris, and even UV rays. Your car’s original paint will stay safe no matter what gets thrown your way.

GNS Wraps Offers The Best Color Change Wraps In South Florida

GNS Wraps offers a full range of wrap services for your vehicle, company fleet, boat, and more. If you’re looking to get a brand new color change wrap, contact the team at GSN Wraps today!

Now that you have your vehicle wrapped, you need to make maintaining its appeal a high priority. A wrap can be defiled just as easily it is applied, causing it to look unsightly and even to slowly peel off your vehicle. If you’re not entirely sure how to maintain a vehicle wrap, don’t worry. GNS  Wraps has provided a simple guideline below that you can follow to ensure your wrap is kept sightly and appealing.

When You’re Washing Your Vehicle Wrap

Hand Washing

One of the most preferred methods of cleaning your vehicle wrap is hand washing. However, when you’re cleaning your wrap by hand, make sure you don’t use any abrasive solutions or equipment.

When you’re handwashing, rinse your wrap with water first in order to remove as much dirt as possible. After, wash with a gentle cleanser and soft sponge or cloth. Lastly, rinse the vehicle again completely and dry with a microfiber cloth to make sure no wet spots are left behind.

Car Washing

If you don’t have the resources or simply don’t want to hand wash, you can take your wrapped vehicle to the local car wash. When you’re visiting a car wash, however, avoid brushes as the bristles can lift up the corners of the wrap and peel the film off, reducing the graphics shine or even possibly scratch the wrap itself. Touchless car wash systems are the best way to protect your car wrap. And just like in the handwashing method, pre-rinse the vehicle before you take it to the car wash.

Pressure Washing

You should consult with the company that did the wrap first before you perform pressure washing. But generally, when you’re considering pressure washing you should make sure you:

– Keep the water pressure below 2,000 psi.
– Keep water temperature below 180° Fahrenheit (80° Celsius).
– The spray nozzle should have a 40° wide-angle spray pattern.

Choose GNS Wraps For Their Quality Vehicle Wraps

There is no better vehicle wrap service provider in all of Palm Beach County than GNS Wraps. GNS Wraps has been providing its quality services to numerous patrons of the South Florida region for many years, making them one of the most established industry experts in their field. When you choose GNS Wraps, you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of your vehicle as it’s designed with a look customized by you. They’ll even inform you of how to properly maintain its appeal. For any inquiries, you may call us at 561.502.2605 or visit our contact page.

Your truck is your own personal vehicle or it may even belong to the company you’re the owner of. In any case, you want to accessorize it in order to increase its appeal and/or grab the attention of potential customers. But you find yourself troubled considering that paint jobs are expensive and maintaining them afterward can be somewhat of a nuisance. However, there’s a simple and easy solution for truck accessorization when you don’t want to break your wallet or have to constantly keep up with maintenance, and that solution is vehicle wrapping. Vehicle wrapping has been relied on by numerous vehicle owners in order to make an effective accessory to trucks. And if you find yourself in need of a truck wrap, then look no further than GNS Wraps.

To learn more about the benefits of GNS Wraps truck wrap services, continue reading below!

GNS Wraps’ Truck Wrap Services

There are many benefits of our truck wrapping services. However, the most prominent of these include:


While a paint job can give your truck a flawless design with a quality sheen, you should keep in mind that they’re very costly. Which is why you should get a truck wrap done instead whenever you want to save money.

With a truck wrap applied, your truck will have an amazing design and sheen once the process is finished. And when you decide to hire GNS Wraps for their truck wraps services, your truck will be decorated with the best design with the lowest rate around.

Completely Customizable

One of the best traits of a truck wrap is that it gives vehicle owners total and complete control over customization, meaning that regardless of the design you want to have applied, GNS Wraps will ensure that your work of art is applied to your truck (within reason).

You can have the most recognizable truck in all of South Florida just by having a truly unique design.

Protects The Paint Underneath

When a vinyl wrap is applied to your truck, the original paint underneath will be protected due to the new layer.

A vehicle’s paint is susceptible to the outside elements, meaning that its appeal is always constantly afflicted. And the same thing can also occur with other vehicles including boats and even trucks. But when you have a wrap applied to your truck, the paint underneath will be sealed off with a protective layer. And because truck wraps are easily removable, the professional that applied it in the first place can remove it with no issues whatsoever. And after it’s removed, the paint underneath will appear the same as the day when the wrap was first applied.

In Need of Quality Truck Wraps Services? Call GNS Wraps Today!

GNS Wraps has been trusted by countless individuals of the Palm Beach County region for their professional truck wrapping services. If you own a truck that needs a wrap and you need it performed expertly, you can best believe that you won’t find a better vehicle wrapping service than GNS Wraps. We feel confident that you’ll benefit from GNS Wraps’ services as you’re added to their growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at 561.502.2605 or visit our contact page.

We here at GNS Wraps are widely recognized for our services when it comes to vehicle wrapping. And that’s because numerous patrons have sought us for our amazing work and detail when it comes to our expertise. But if you’re one who hasn’t had their vehicle serviced by us yet, then continue reading below to learn about what we can do for you. You may be surprised to find just what our services entail.

What Vehicles We Can Wrap For You

When you choose GNS Wraps for their expert services, you’ll essentially be able to have any of the following vehicles wrapped:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Boats

Wrapping your own vehicle is a very challenging thing to do. When you try to do it, you can accidentally damage your vehicle’s paint. More so, even if you were to apply the wrap to your vehicle without any damage, air bubbles can still occur. There are also many other issues that can occur when you try to wrap your own vehicle, which is why it’s always advised that you have a professional do it for you.

At GNS Wraps, our business houses employees who are industry experts when it comes to vehicle wrapping. They’ve provided their quality services to numerous cars, trucks, and even boats. So no matter which of these three types you bring in for service, you can best believe that we’ll be able to assist you.

Benefits of Our Vehicle Wrapping Services

Wrapping services can provide quite a few benefits to vehicle owners. They include:

Effective Marketing

If you’re a business owner looking to implement more marketing for your business, then you can never go wrong with vehicle wrapping. Having your company’s car undergo vehicle wrapping will allow you to market your business virtually anywhere. More so, because the wrap is long-lasting, you’ll be able to market your business through your vehicle for many years.


If you compare the price of a paint job to that of a vehicle wrap, you may be surprised to find that the former is much more expensive in cost. And this is because the procedure involved in a paint job is much more tedious to perform and can take up roughly a month before it’s complete. Vehicle wrapping, however, is much easier to perform and it only lasts for about two weeks — maybe even less! Due to it being a fairly easy procedure to perform, it’s much less costly than a paint job.

Protects The Paint Underneath

Vehicle wrapping applies a tight seal over the vehicle’s existing paint. And because of this, the paint underneath will be protected for many years until you decide to resell the vehicle if you so choose to. By protecting the paint underneath, you’ll be able to get the absolute best resale value off of your vehicle. More so, it also helps keeps your vehicle looking pristine in the long run.

Contact GNS Wraps Today For Our Vehicle Wrapping Services

We here at GNS Wraps have been providing quality services to numerous patrons in the South Florida region for many years. And due to this, we’re highly regarded by many residents in the area. When you choose GNS Wraps to assist you, we feel more than confident that you’ll benefit from our services tremendously as you’re added to our growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at 561.502.2605 or visit our contact page.

A paint job is nice as it can certainly help to increase your car’s appeal. But it can be costly and also time-consuming. And in the end, you’ll have to perform a lot of maintenance just to have it keep its sheen. So instead of going through the efforts of having and maintaining a paint job, opt-in purchasing for a vehicle wrap instead. You can still provide your car with a custom look that you want without being burdened on performing tedious maintenance. And when you want the absolute best custom car wrap around, then look no further than to GNS Wraps. GNS Wraps can provide you their high-end custom car wraps services that you can’t find anywhere else. Continue reading below to see why GNS Wraps is qualified and what their custom car wraps services can do for you.

Why Choose GNS Wraps For Their Custom Car Wraps

GNS Wraps is recognized as the premier custom car wrapping service provider of Palm Beach County. And this isn’t just due to the fact that GNS Wraps offers customers quality vehicle wrapping. It’s also because they’ve been established for a long time. Through their plentiful years of provided service, they’ve been able to successfully appease numerous car owners with their new custom designs. And if you don’t believe us, then look up our reviews. Numerous clients love our work!

When you feel that you need to give your car a brand new look, don’t hesitate at all in contacting us, we feel more than certain that you’ll benefit from our services.

What Our Custom Car Wraps Services Can Do For You

Save Money

There’s no doubt that you want to save money. So when you want to give your car an exterior makeover, you can trust that vehicle wrapping is the cheaper route to go. In fact, if you were to compare the average rate of a car wrap to that of a paint job, you’ll find that the car wrap is much less costly. And this is due to the fact that performing a vehicle wrap is much easier to perform as opposed to performing a standard paint job.

Save Time

When you have your car undergo a makeover, you want to be able to take it out on the road as soon as you possibly can. But when you get its makeover done through common means (such as a paint job), you’ll find that you’ll have to wait for quite some time before you can drive it again. And when you’re trying to advertise your business through a company car, you’re just wasting tremendous time with a paint job which in turn is causing you to waste a lot of money. With a car wrap, however, you can expect to get your vehicle back soon.

Completely Customizable

The absolute greatest thing about our custom car wraps is that it’s completely customizable. No matter what design you want to be applied to your car, you can trust that we can do it for you. Whether it be racing stripes or a flame design, the team here at GNS Wraps will be able to get it done for you.

Contact GNS Wraps Today For Their High-End Custom Car Wraps Services

When you’re ready to receive the ultimate custom car wraps services in all of South Florida, look no further than to GNS Wraps. Here at GNS Wraps, we’ve been providing quality custom car wraps to patrons for many years. We feel more than confident that when you hire us, you’ll benefit from our work significantly as you’re added to our growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may reach out to us at 561.502.2605 or visit our contact page.

It’s one of the fastest-growing trends in America. Vehicle wrapping has become a popular practice used for many different cars, boats, and other similar mobile vehicles. And chances are, if you’ve ever been out on the road, you’ve very likely seen a wrapped car. They can be used to advertise a certain business or brand. But other than that, vehicle wrapping can also be used to add a design to your vehicle that would otherwise be very difficult to create with paint. So if you’re wondering if you should get your car wrapped, then continue reading below. There are quite a few factors involved in getting a car wrap professionally done.

What is a Car Wrap?

A car wrap involves the process of applying a series of vinyl decals that are placed over the body of the car itself. And through this process, you’re able to drastically change its appearance. Depending on what type of wrap you get, you can get a standard glossy color, gradient color, matte finish, or just about any other type of wrap you want. Generally, the only limit you have with car wrapping is your budget and imagination.

Compared to a paint job, the decals can be removed later with no drastic impact taking place on the existing paint.

Why Would I Want to Wrap My Car?

There are quite a few reasons why someone would want to get their car wrapped. If, for instance, you have a color that you would want to be applied to your car and it isn’t possible through a paint job, then car wrapping is your next best choice. Or if you just need to find a new way to advertise your brand or business, car wrapping can help you out tremendously. You can drive down the road and market your brand as potential customers look at your vehicle. Car wrapping is a much cheaper option compared to a paint job.

Can My Car Get Wrapped?

Before you make the decision to get your car wrapped, it’s important that you indicate first if your car is able to get wrapped. A car wrap is not a suitable solution to cover up a bad paint job. In fact, if your car does have a bad paint job, you’ll find that a car wrap won’t even be able to be applied.

Only a good paint job will allow the wrap to adhere correctly to the car. So if you have scratches or dents, make sure to get them fixed right away or the decals won’t stick properly.

Contact GNS Wraps Today For Their Premier Car Wrap Services

Looking to get your car wrapped? Then pick up the phone and call the professionals over at GNS Wraps today! GNS Wraps has provided its high-end car wrapping services to countless patrons in the South Florida area. And other than cars, they can also wrap boats and even provide you with professional signage. If you’re interested, you may reach out to us at 561.502.2605 or visit our contact page.

Using your car to market your business is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions you can make as a business owner. Most automobiles are capable of traveling vast distances, so depending on how far you go, your business will be recognized by countless potential clients. But you must be wary of how you go about doing this. Yes, you will want to slap your brand name and logo onto your business car, but you wouldn’t want to simply paint it. A paint job can easily provide a myriad of problems that will put you at a disadvantage. In the long run, you’ll find that car wrapping is the best decision to go with. And if you’re unsure how that’s so, then continue reading below. You’ll find that many businesses around the world rely on vehicle wrapping to improve their marketing capabilities drastically.

Car Wrapping Vs. Paint Job

Car Wrapping is Much Cheaper Than a Paint Job

As a business owner, you always want to seek the most cost-effective ways of accessorizing your business cars. When you decide to choose a paint job over a vehicle wrap, you’re actually paying more out of pocket for a service that may not benefit you in the long run. The price for most paint jobs can range between $3,000 and $10,000 – a very costly price. But with car wrapping, you’re only paying for somewhere in the range of $2,500 and $5,000. Basically, the more business vehicles you intend to change the more money you save with a professional wrap.

Car Wrapping is Less Time-Consuming

Time is money, and when your business car is spending time off the road as opposed to being on it and promoting your brand, you’re losing money. Car wraps can take up days before completion. But a paint job takes up a lot more time as they can often take weeks before all the paint is applied. Obviously, when time irs of the essence, you’ll want to go with the quicker route and choose car wrapping.

Car Wraps Are Easy to Remove

Paint jobs are permanent on a car. So if your business car gets a paint job and you decide later that you want to redesign it, your only choice is to paint over the current design. And this will end up costing you more money in the long run as well as use up more of your time. When a vehicle wrap is applied, it can be easily removed later in life, making it much more possible for you to continuously redesign your business vehicle when you want to.

A Wrapped Car Maintain Resale Value

Having your business car undergo a paint job will decrease the resale value of your vehicle tremendously. The reason being that potential buyers are unlikely willing to pay more out of pocket for a car that doesn’t have its traditional color. A car that’s wrapped will still retain its resale value since the wrap is easy to remove. In fact, a wrapped car is much more likely to increase your resale value considering that the wrap itself is protecting the original paint job underneath. So by the time it’s removed, the new owner will be happy to find that the paint underneath still looks brand new.

Less Maintenance Required For a Wrapped Car

A business car with a paint job will need a lot of maintenance in order to keep the vehicle’s appearance appealing. Regular waxing and washing are required in order to keep that paint shining. But you can cut more than half the time that’s needed for maintenance with a wrapped car. A wrapped car only simply needs a wash and it will end up looking brand new.

Hire GNS Wraps Today For The Best Car Wrapping Services Around

Now that you know the key differences between a car wrap and a paint job, schedule an appointment today with the professionals at GNS Wraps. Our business has provided expert car wrapping services to countless patrons over the course of many years. We’re more than confident that when you hire us, you’ll be more than satisfied with the quality of our work. For any inquiries, you may call us at 561.502.2605 or visit our contact page.

Vehicle Wrapping is one of the best things you can do for your car, boat, or other vehicle. It provides you not only with a fresh new look, but it also offers you an amazing marketing tool that can help boost your business tremendously. But if and when you do decide to get your vehicle wrapped, don’t do it yourself. While you can save yourself money by wrapping your own vehicle, it’s very likely that you’ll face many problems. Hence why you should always have a professional work on it for you, such as GNS Wraps. And if you don’t believe us, then continue reading below to see some of the issues you can encounter when you wrap your own car.

Why You Shouldn’t Wrap Your Own Vehicle

Edges Are Peeled

When you try to wrap your own vehicle, an issue that can come about is peeling edges, and it’s probably one of the most common problems found in bad wrap jobs. You need to properly clean the surface of the vehicle of all oils, film, dust, or debris before you apply a wrap. And if you don’t, the adhesive will not be able to stick entirely. Peeling edges are also caused by wrinkles that have not been completely smoothed out and also by an improper heating application.

Poor Trimming

When a wrap is applied to your vehicle’s surface, you’ll need to trim off any excess adhesive. This part of the wrapping process requires a steady hand and if any errors occur, it will lead to you having to completely start over. Any errors caused by an unsteady hand will also lead to potential damage to the vehicle’s surface.


Many issues can cause bubbling to occur with your wrap. Most amateurs, when wrapping their vehicles, might apply inadequate preparation, incorrect heating, or might accidentally overstretch the adhesive. And even installing in an unbearably hot climate, such as the climate in Florida, can also contribute to bubbling.

Cutting Corners

This is probably the #1 reason why most amateur vehicle wraps come out as failures. When wrapping a vehicle, it’s most ideal that you remove bumpers, headlights, and door handles when you’re doing a wrap. Many vehicle wrap failures happen because applicants were trying to cut corners and not remove vehicle components when it was needed. GNS Wraps trained professionals will know which parts to remove when performing their own wrapping service. So when you bring your vehicle over to us to get wrapped, you can be at ease knowing that your vehicle will be under special care.

Call The Go-To Vehicle Wrapping Service in All of South Florida

Now that you know why you shouldn’t wrap your own vehicle, pick up the phone and call the experts at GNS Wraps. We’ve provided our services to countless West Palm Beach residents and to other Floridians in the nearby areas for many years. And we’re more than confident that when you choose us, you’ll be beyond satisfied with the way your vehicle wrap has come out. For any inquiries, you may call us at 561.502.2605 or visit our contact page.

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