Car wrap damage is affected by both hot and cold weather, so it’s important to take the right precautions to protect your car wrap.

As the temperatures continue to drop, you might be curious about how to protect your car wrap from the colder weather. Thankfully, protecting your car wrap from cold weather isn’t very difficult. Only a few steps have to be taken and you can rest easy knowing that your wrap will be in perfect condition after the weather rises again and the snow (if your area gets it) has melted away. 


Scraping Causes Car Wrap Damage

It’s common knowledge but when it gets, frost will often build on the surfaces of cars. When this happens, our first instinct is to grab an ice scrapper and start scraping away at it. While effective, it can often damage your car and, more specifically, your vehicle wrap. A typically vinyl car wrap will last on average five to seven years if taken care of properly. Just like the paint on a car, vinyl will become damaged if continually scratched and scrapped.


Clean Your Wrap

With the winter season, you’re more likely to experience rain, wind, and snow. These are the perfect conditions for your vehicle wrap to become dirty. It may not be the ideal temperature, but cleaning your car wrap will ensure that it lasts a long time. Waiting too long to clear your car from dirt and debris will result in it becoming thicker and harder to remove. This debris will cause you to scrub harder and longer which can leave damage to your wrap. By keeping your vehicle clean, you avoid the trouble of having to scrub more which in turn keeps your wrap from peeling and becoming damaged.


Clear the Snow

When snow is left on a surface, especially the surface of a car, it can turn into ice which is even harder to remove. It’s best to try and clear the snow as often as you can to prevent a further headache in the future. Ice will stick to the vinyl wrapping, making it very difficult to clean and can result in damage to your wrap. Snow is much easier to brush off compared to the hard nature of ice.


Keep it Covered

Covered parking may not be available to everyone, but if it is, make sure to use it. This is the most effective way to keep a car wrap from being damaged by winter conditions. Garages, carports, or any other sort of covering, even a tarp, will help prevent damage to the vinyl. It’s also a good idea to take notice where you park your car. Parking under a tree can result in snow pouring down on your car or branches breaking off and scraping your wrap. The worst thing that can happen is a heavy branch breaking off and leaving even more damage than just a wrap. 


Looking to Wrap?

Have you experienced damage to your wrap due to weather conditions or looking to have a fresh wrap done? If you have any questions or need assistance fixing a wrap, GNS Wraps of West Palm Beach can help you out. You can stop by anytime or give us a call at 561-502-2605. We may not be able to control the weather, but we can help prevent damage from occurring to your wrap.

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