Everyone’s looking for a competitive advantage when it comes to advertising their business or product, which is exactly what a car part wrap can be. As a “moving billboard” for your company, you can find potential clients everywhere you go. Even when you or one of your employees is off the clock, your car wrap is still going to work. While most people elect to install a full car wrap that covers every facet of a vehicle (hood, sides, bumpers, roof, wheels, windows, etc.). With that said, you can wrap a specific part of the car and still get your messaging across if done right.

This ultimately boils down to both the message of your marketing campaign and your overall budget for the wrap. When doing a car part wrap for advertising purposes, it’s key to utilizing a central position with plenty of usable real estate. A legible, purposeful message with a good call to action is sure to drive business to your front door while you drive around town. Some of the best car parts we recommend (and don’t recommend) include:

The Sides Of The Car

Drivers are constantly looking at other cars in the lanes besides them, whether because they’re driving defensively or daydreaming about driving that car instead. A car wrap on the sides of your car is guaranteed to turn heads as you go by. You have a large area to work with and portray your message while out in public.

With that said, you should be aware that while a side car wrap can be great, the doors can actually lead to your message being warped, especially if installed incorrectly. Before installing a car wrap, contact GNS Wraps, your local palm beach county car wrap install expert. 

The Hood

While it may be difficult to see your wrap while driving, a hood car part wrap works tremendously well when in traffic or when the car is parked. The hood offers the most available real estate to use, and there’s no bumps or other accents to get in the way of interfering with your message. The right visuals and messaging on your hood can instantly demand attention and have people calling you immediately.

The Trunk

Another great place for your car wrap, the back of your vehicle is a fantastic place to advertise your company or product. While there tend to be awkward lines and accents, a rear wrap will stand out to anybody behind you on the road.

The Vehicle Roof

The roof of your vehicle is the number one place we recommend against installing a car part wrap. Too often do clients come in requesting a roof wrap, not realizing that their customers are highly unlikely to see the messaging of the campaign while on the road, in traffic, or just walking down the sidewalk. 

When it comes down to it, if you’re looking to use a car wrap to advertise your business or product and stay under budget, GNS Wraps has you covered. Contact us today for a free quote either online or by giving us a call directly at (561) 502-2605.

Car wraps are a great way to grab someone’s attention whether you are trying to advertise your company on a fleet of vehicles or make a personal statement with your neon green car or newly wrapped Raptor. 

With proper installation and care, most wraps can last you on average five to seven, and in many cases even longer. If you are toying with the idea of wrapping your vehicle, it is well worth the cost. Vehicle wraps are known to last longer than standard paint jobs, ending up costing you far too much in the long run.. When they eventually do begin to show signs of wear, they can be peeled off and re-done. In fact, having a vehicle wrap can actually preserve the vehicle’s paint underneath, increasing the car’s resale value. It is more cost effective when compared to a new paint job. 

Many factors decide the life of your vehicle wrap, but when deciding if it is worth it, the answer is always yes

How To Keep My Wrap From Falling Apart

One way to ensure that your wrap will last as long as possible is by going to a well-known or reputable company. You should feel comfortable talking to the techs that you decide to work with. This will make things easier and ensure that everyone is on the same page and you will get exactly what you want. Sometimes, receiving a reference from a friend is the best way to know that your vehicle wrap will come out clean. Other ways to know are by searching their previous work online, looking through their website, searching for reviews, and asking for references from the vehicle wrap company.

Things that directly affect the wrap’s lifespan include the quality of materials used, the prep done to the vehicle before placing the wrap, and how the wrap is laid. To prep the vehicle, it needs to undergo a two-step cleaning process. The first step is to give it a good deep clean with anti-scratch towels, sponges, and special vehicle soap. The second step is for the technician to go over the car very carefully and clean it up with agents like alcohol to make sure not even a speck of dust is on the surface. 

When the vehicle is completely ready, the tech will go through the process of laying the wrap, being sure to go over every little detail until it is perfect.

Once complete, be sure to maintain your car wrap by taking proper precautions to care for your car or truck. The best way to preserve the longevity of a wrap is to store it in a clean, dry space, wash it properly, and avoid excessive exposure to oil, grime, or dirt. This can prevent premature cracking, fading, or peeling and make your wrap last up to its full potential. 

If you are driving your truck throughout the day, taking it mudding every weekend, or using it for a majority of the day in extreme weather, your wrap is much more likely to fade. If you only use your car sparingly and take it to and from work then store it in your garage, you will most likely have a longer period of time with your wrap. Due to the strong Florida sun, car wraps may begin to fade after a certain time. Sun exposure and temperature play a major role in prematurely damaging your wrap. Extreme heat can cause your wrap to fade and become damaged more easily. Storing your car in a garage, or at least in a covered area to protect it from harsh UV rays will make a big difference. If neither options are available, you can always get an outdoor car cover. 

Take care of your car’s wrap and it will take care of you! Call now to get a quote and learn more about our car wraps today! 

There’s nothing better than that Summer sun on your skin while living in South Florida, but the same can’t be said for your car’s wrap! That blistering heat and overwhelming humidity can make it a recipe for disaster when it comes to your car wrap if left totally unchecked. Chances are, you’re probably already trying to figure out how to maintain your wrap all summer to avoid any unnecessary damage from the heat. Thankfully, the team here at GNS Wraps is here to help you keep your wrap looking fresh and clean all Summer long.

Isn’t Heat Used To Apply The Car Wrap?

When we’re installing your brand new car wrap, truck wrap, or boat wrap, the GNS team uses direct heat to allow the vinyl to fit the curves and edges of the vehicle. This allows us to apply it properly without any bubbles or warps. We only use controlled levels of heat, as too little and the vinyl won’t apply correctly, and too much can damage it. When intense levels of heat – like the ones we see here in South Florida – hit your car, you could find your wrap damaged by UV rays. This leads to fading, warping, and bubbling across the wrap. 

One of the first core steps we always recommend is storing your vehicle out of constant and direct sunlight! This removes any lasting threat when the vehicle is just sitting in your driveway. However, if you have it housed in a storage unit however, we highly recommend regularly checking up on it especially if the unit does not have an AC unit. If you don’t look after your vehicle you could see heavy warping and cracking, even if left inside. If you don’t have a garage, carport, or storage unit, we strongly recommend parking in the shade such as under a tree or on the side of the house. Another good option is to invest in a car cover. While they can be a bit of a nuisance when you have to take it off and put it on over and over again, but it offers tremendous protection from harsh UV rays, especially when no other options are available.

Direct Care Leads To A Healthy Wrap, Even In The Heat

Two core safeguards can protect your wrap from heavy fading and warping all Summer long: wrap safe vehicle wax, and consistent washes. 

A good vehicle wax almost acts like a sunscreen, protecting the wrap from those harmful rays whenever you’re driving or parked.They’re great for extending the lifespan of your vehicle wrap, however make sure when purchasing one it specifies that it is “safe for vinyl”. Otherwise, you may accidentally end up ruining your wrap a little too early into its life.

Regular car washes are a great way to keep your vehicle wrap nice and cool, even in the blistering heat. It’s essential that you make a schedule for yourself so that your wrap is washed regularly. Avoid automatic washing services  and do so by hand, as the big machines can tear your wrap. Also, if you’re planning on washing your vehicle, don’t wash them in the middle of the day when it’s the hottest. This is when your wrap is most vulnerable, so try to wash either early  in the morning or towards the evening. 

While this may seem like a lot, don’t stress! Before you know it this will all be second nature and your car wrap will last for years to come. Interested in learning more about caring for your vehicle wrap or getting a new one done? Contact GNS Wraps today to learn more! Just contact us online or give us a call at (561) 502-2605.

Vehicle wraps offer a wealth of benefits no matter if you’re wrapping a commercial fleet of vehicles or your car. When done by a professional vehicle wrap company, they can look stunning and extend the life of your car’s base paint & retain its value when it comes time to sell. With that said, your vehicle wrap is an investment. A vehicle wrap in South Florida can last anywhere from 7-10 years, but with proper care and maintenance, you’re able to extend that rather significantly. There are vital steps that all of our customers should be aware of from the very first day you get your vehicle back to ensure a long and happy life for your vehicle wrap, such as: 

Keep An Eye Out For Bubbling & Lifting

As a premier vehicle wrap company in South Florida, we’ve put the right processes and techniques in place to ensure there’s no bubbling or lifting on any wrap we do. However, if you do notice bubbling anywhere, you should NOT try to smoothen it out yourself. Pressing them down and trying to smoothen bubbles out can split any graphics on your wrap, and ultimately ruin the entire look. Instead, bring it back to our professional team to take a look at and fix it for you. 

Proper Cleaning Goes A Long Way

We understand how convenient a drive-in car wash can be, however, their harsh brushes, high-pressure water jets, and harsh chemicals can lead to the downfall of your wrap. We’ve seen plenty of wraps get scratches, faded, and cracked due to using a car wash. We strongly recommend hand washing your vehicle only to properly extend its lifespan. You’ll want to use soft towels and cloths, and avoid using any oil-based products & waxes. 

Stay Away From The Sun

With South Florida’s unpredictable weather, it can be hard to gauge when it’s going to be pouring rain or have the sun beating down. We know you can’t protect your car from the sun 24/7, but there are some preventative measures you can take. When parking at home, we highly recommend leaving it in your garage to be safe from the environment. If out and about, consider parking in a parking garage or under shade. This will give your unattended vehicle the best chance of avoiding the harsh rays from the sun and any environmental pollutants from baking right into your wrap. 

Choose GNS Wraps, The Best Vehicle Wrap Company In South Florida 

Proper maintenance and care can help alleviate any environmental stresses put on a vehicle wrap, but the most essential step in keeping your wrap looking fresh and new is to get it properly installed from the best wrap installation team around. Here at GNS Wraps, our team prides itself on leaving you with a stunning vehicle wrap using only the highest quality materials to guarantee it lasts. Combine that with the tips above, and your wrap will last well over the expected life span. Ready to get a wrap installed? Contact us today for a free quote online or give us a call at (561) 502-2605!

As more and more marketing avenues continue to pop up, so will the competition to be number one in your industry. With hundreds of similar companies in your area, it can be difficult to dominate them, even if you offer a far superior team or service. Traditional advertising methods are overly expensive and can bleed cash if not done properly. While you could look towards tv commercials or billboards, there’s no better way to market your business than by getting a fleet wrap. It may not seem like much, a fleet wrap can make your business stand out from your direct competitors.

Reach Your Customers On The Go

While tv commercials, newspaper ads, and radio spots have been the norm, they’re all outdated. Additionally, many drivers aren’t listening to the radio anymore and have no way to connect with a tv commercial or newspaper ad while on the road. 

A potential customer might be on the road, and your truck or car might drive by without them ever knowing what you do since you went a different route with your advertising efforts. With a fleet wrap, all of your vehicles turn into roving billboards wherever they go. Passersby on the highway might see one of your drivers and decide to give a call because they were just looking for a service like yours. 

Even when the fleet wrap vehicle is parked at a home and the team is doing work, you’re still advertising to the entire neighborhood your services. Before you know it, one job can turn into four, then 10. Before you know it, that one car has spurred the entire neighborhood into using you and your team. 

A Fleet Wrap Gives Your Business Legitimacy 

While new customers are always a win, you want to make a lasting impression that leads to return customers. While the work should speak for itself, the first time your team pulls up in an old white work van might be the last time that the client contacts you. While the work may have been outstanding, a homeowner or business owner might not want to have those vans outside their home/business. With a full line of fleet wrap vehicles, you immediately give your business brand recognition and legitimacy. Not only that, but it looks like a company that’s been in business for a while. You’ll be far more likely to get those return customers day in and day out.

What Companies Do Fleet Wrap Vehicles Benefit?

Wraps for fleet vehicles aren’t just for one or two industries. A fleet wrap can be incredibly beneficial for nearly any business out there. Some common businesses we see get fleet wraps to include: 

  • Restaurants
  • Repair Companies
  • Landscapers
  • Fumigators
  • Housekeeping Companies
  • Home Healthcare Companies
  • Private Security Companies

While these are some of the more common companies we work with, a fleet wrap can work for a business in any vertical. If you’re interested in learning more about getting your fleet vehicles wrapped, just call our team at GNS Wraps! We specialize in fleet wraps, commercial wraps, color change wraps, boat wraps, and more. To get started, simply contact us online or give us a call at (561) 502-2605 today!

We’ve all been there: you’ve been staring at your car for hours and you’re desperate for a new look. You could look at getting it painted but that immediately lowers the resale value. Buying a new car ends up being a really expensive avenue, and you may love your car just not the look. With our color change wrap services, you can give your car that new fresh look you’ve been desperate for. When done right, a professionally installed car wrap will leave you starry-eyed every time you take a look at your car.

Benefits of Color Change Wraps


Getting a high-end paint job can be anywhere in the range of $2,000-10,000, depending on who’s doing it, the color, and the quality of the paint. High-quality vinyl for a color change wrap will range between $500-$5,000 depending on the vehicle and will last between 5-10 years. With a GNS color change wrap, you can get that much-needed new look for a fraction of the price of a paint job.

Endless Options

GNS offers hundreds of options for your next color change wrap. With a wide range of colors and custom design options, you can turn your dream car into a reality. With your color change wrap you’re never tied down, as you can continue to update the look every few years and keep turning heads daily!

Installation Time

When you go to get a paint job, you usually have to plan on being out of a car for a few weeks. This can become a serious inconvenience as you can’t get around. Our wrap services take no more than a business week, ensuring you’re back on the road before you even know it.


Our vinyl offers everyday protection for your vehicle, shielding it from rocks, road debris, and even UV rays. Your car’s original paint will stay safe no matter what gets thrown your way.

GNS Wraps Offers The Best Color Change Wraps In South Florida

GNS Wraps offers a full range of wrap services for your vehicle, company fleet, boat, and more. If you’re looking to get a brand new color change wrap, contact the team at GSN Wraps today!

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