Car Wrap Advertising Dos And Don’ts

As traditional forms of advertising such as billboards and radio ads continue to be phased out, it’s important for brands and businesses to look for other ways to promote their brand. Passive marketing has always been a great channel for companies to get their name out there, but with so many companies creating so much noise in today’s fast-paced world, it can be quite overwhelming to the potential customer. However, there is one marketing channel that is filled to the brim with potential for brand awareness and customer acquisition: traffic.

Day in and day out, highways around the country are slammed with bumper to bumper traffic in the morning, afternoon, and at night. Some jam out to music while others yell in frustration at others driving poorly. You can steal their attention with a branded car wrap. Standing out from the rest of the cars on the road can be the difference between one person noticing your company’s branding, and 100. Car wrap advertising can be a fantastic way to bring in new business, however, there are some important Dos and Don’ts that every company should follow to get the most out of their car marketing.

Car Wrap Do’s And Don’ts For Company Advertising

  • Do Consider Your Brand Or Message
  • Don’t Overdo Your Message
  • Do Keep Your Car Clean
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Go Bold

Do Consider Your Brand Or Message

Before you dive headfirst into a car wrap advertising for your business, you should first be aware of what your brand is, the message you want to convey towards potential customers, and what you as a business wants to get out of it. Knowing your end goal is ultimately the most important step towards getting the most out of this. Whether you just want people to discover your brand, or are looking towards racking up phone calls and business inquiries, you can do this with car wrap advertising.

Don’t Overdo Your Message

Car wrap advertising can be a phenomenal form of passive marketing for your company, however, it’s not a foolproof solution. One of the major pitfalls for companies venturing into car wraps for advertising is they overdo their message. They obnoxiously slap their phone numbers all over the car in an attempt to grab everyone’s attention, while also using off-brand colors and their logo isn’t anywhere to be seen. Make sure you present your overall message in a clean, clear-cut manner that gets the point across to passersby while not overdoing it.

Do Keep Your Car Clean

Car wrap advertising is an extension of the company, and so is the car used for promotion. You wouldn’t want your employees to represent your company outside of the office in unprofessional clothing, so you most likely wouldn’t want the car to be dirty. Make sure that before you clean a car with a wrap on that you use cleaning supplies that won’t damage the wrap altogether.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold

When it comes to car wrap advertising, you want to stand out from all the noise. You absolutely shouldn’t be afraid to be bold with your design or color choice. Granted, while you should have fun with designing the wrap for the car, you have to make a mental note to not overdo it and interfere with the overall messaging. Once the design detracts from the message, you lose potential customers. Finding the right balance of boldness can be just what you need to make your message stand out, without suppressing it.

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